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HaRaw Matitiahu Treves, birth 1325 Paris, died 1387 Paris, occupation: Raw Paris, Rosh HaRabaniem Tsarfat, son of HaRaw Josef Hagadol Treves and nn
Till 1361 in Spain. King Charles V appointed him in 1363 Chief Rabbi of Paris till his death in 1387.
Marianne Spira, alias: Shapira Manecier, daughter of Samuel Sira Speyer and bat Manasse de Versoul
1) Julia Minna Vergentlin Treves, birth CA 1350, died 1427 to:
HaRaw Smuel MeSpira, occupation: Av Beth Din Spyer, son of Klonimus HaChasid MiSpeyer and N.N.
Rosh Mispachat Shapira Acc. Dan Rottenberg desc. of RIVAM
2) R` Jochanan Treves, died 1439 Italia, occupation: Chiefrabbi of France
tot 1394 in Frankrijk, na gerush in Italie. benoemd door Koning Charles VI
3) Avraham Treves, died NA ER 1384
4) Joseph Treves, birth 1355 France, died 1429
NN , birth Paris, daughter of Shmiel?\Shimon? HaChasid and NN
5) Vergentlin Hanna Treves, alias: Julia Minna to:
R` Shlomo Bar Smuel Shapira, birth 1375 Speyer, died 1453 Landau, occupation: AvBethDin Heilbrun,Landau, son of HaRaw Smuel MeSpira and Julia Minna Vergentlin Treves
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