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HaRaw Meir, birth 1060-1065 Lotraine, died 1130-1135 Ramerupt, occupation: Rabbijn, son of HaRaw Smuel and N.N.
Lived in Worms
Jocheved , died CA 1139 Ramerupt, France, daughter of R` Shlomo Jitschaki RASHI and Rivka bat Isaac ben Abun or Yosef Klonimos
1) Rabi Shumuel ben Meir RASHBAM, birth 1085, died 1153 to:
Marona , daughter of Shemaiah ben Eliezer Jocelin and N.N.
2) HaRaw Jitshak Ben Meir RIVAM, birth 1090 Ramerupt, occupation: Baal Tosfoth
Married 1130 to:
Bat Abraham ben Joseph of Orleans 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Abraham ben Joseph of Orleans and N.N.
3) Rabi Jacob Rabeinu Tam, birth 1096, died 1171
stamvader van Sarfati fam. Marocco
Miriam Klonimus, daughter of Yosef Angel de Falaise and N.N.
4) Rabeinu Shlomo ?, occupation: grammrian
5) Bath R`Meir to:
R` Smuel, son of R. Simhah ben Samuel of Vitry and N.N.
6) Chanah
wrote a responsum explaining the ritual and blessing for the Shabbat lights
7) Yonah Klonymos
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