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Shlomo Breuer, son of Mordechai Breuer and Simcha Levy to:
Chasia Eismann, daughter of Raw Gedalia Eismann and NN
1) Abraham Breuer to:
Miriam Naumberg
2) Yitzchak Breuer to:
Nechama Cantor
3) Daniel Breuer to:
Esther Shoshana Goldschmidt, daughter of Dr Alexander Goldschmidt and Hanna Chana Erlanger
living - details excluded
4) Yaakov Yechiel Breuer to:
Chana Liba Gurevitz
5) Pinchas Breuer to:
Tova Beifuss
6) Naomi Breuer to:
Aaron Pindrus
7) Netanel Breuer to:
Miriam Rubinstein
8) Nechemia Breuer
9) Yehuda Breuer
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