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Nathan Amschel Maas, died 16 MEI 1714 Frankfurt am Main, son of Amschel Lazarus Maas and Gutle HaKohen to:
Elliche(n) (Kuma) Kome, alias: Kome- Worms, daughter of Zussel Kome and Bunle Oettinger
1) Herz Nathan Maas, died 17 Apr 1716 Franfurt am Main, buried Battonstrasse to:
Miriam Deutz, died 27 Jan 1744, daughter of Leib Deutz and N.N.
2) Salomon Nathan Maas
Married 1704 to:
NN , died 1794
3) Binle Maas to:
Abraham Kannstadt, son of Moses Kannstadt - Plats ( Mainz ) and N.N.

Family page
Nathan Amschel Maas to:
Frummet Segal Hecht 1st marriage 2nd marriage 3rd marriage, daughter of Menachem Menke Segal Hecht and Merle Flasche

Family page
Nathan Amschel Maas to:
Gelchen (Gellichen) z. gold. Strauss, daughter of Feibesch-Uri Schraga Schiff-Katz and Frumet Schiff-KaZ
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