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Family page
Yehoshua Hemmendinger, son of Claude Hemmendinger and Judith Feist to:
Renee Atar
1) Chaim Hemmendinger to:
Chana Leah Tucker, daughter of Joseph Nesanel Tucker and Renee Flora Rivka Shoshanna Aronson
2) Meriam Hemmendinger to:
Joseph Heller
3) Rivka Hemmendinger to:
Matithiahu Savitski
4) Pnina Hemmendinger to:
Moshe Philips
5) Nechama Hemmendinger to:
Moshe Broide
6) Joel Hemmendinger to:
Shira Pardes
7) Daniel Hemmendinger
8) David Hemmendinger
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