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Ludwig H. Joshua, birth 9 Jul 1860 Hamburg, died 27 MRT 1945 Gothenburg, son of Herz Henry Joshua and Auguste Dellawie to:
Johannah Nathan, birth 12 Sep 1864 Kopenhagen, died 18 Jan 1944 Gothenburg, daughter of Moritz Nathan and Frederike Baruch
1) Lissy L. Joshua, birth 13 MEI 1894 Hamburg to:
Fritz Mainz, birth 1890 Hamburg, son of Sally Michael Mainz and Jenny
2) Max Joshua, birth 30 MEI 1895 Hamburg, died 16 Jan 1945 Bergen-Belsen, occupation: koopman
Juni 1941: Korte Smeestraat 22 a-bis, Utrecht
Elisabeth ( Liesje ) Eisenmann, daughter of Jacob Eisenmann and Dinah Prins
Hamburg, Holland, New York, Israel
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