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Benjamin Wolf Magnus Menachem Swaab, son of Magnus Menachem Swaab Jaffe and N.N. to:
Anna Hendele Hendrikje Jacob, birth Schwabenland, died 7 Dec 1686 Amsterdam, buried 22 KISLEV 5447 Muiderberg 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Jacob Ginz and Deltzge
died 7 Dec 1686 Amsterdam, Muiderberg: on 22 Kislev 5447 - Hindele, wife of Hirsch Shochet;
fisches Frank nr. 280: Hindele bat Jacob z.l, wife of Benjamin bar Menachem z.l. from the Jaffe-family
1) Joseph Jozale Benjamin Wolf Swaab, birth 1623 Herben
Married 1651 Amsterdam to:
Ester Michiel, birth Kassel, died 1678 Amsterdam, buried 18 CHESHVAN 5439 Muiderberg 1st marriage 2nd marriage
2) Isaac Itsak Benjamin Wolf Swaab, birth 1625 Isaac Itsak Benjamin Wolf Swaab, died 1711 Amsterdam
Married 1657 Amsterdam to:
Perle Michiel, birth 1632 Kassel, died 1709 Amsterdam
3) Anna Benjamin Wolf Swaab, birth 1627 to:
Abraham Charlevil
4) Emanuel Menachem Benjamin Swaab, birth 1633 Augsburg
Married 1657 Amsterdam to:
Judith Jacob, birth 1631 Hanau
5) Eva Benjamin Wolf Swaab, birth 1648 Herben, died 1726 Amsterdam, buried 20 ADAR I 5486 Muiderberg
Married 1679 Amsterdam to:
Aron Joseph Moznum, birth 1643 Bacharach, died 1709 Amsterdam, buried Muiderberg, son of Joseph ? Moznum and NN NN

Family page
Benjamin Wolf Magnus Menachem Swaab to:
Tensje Michiel 1st marriage 2nd marriage
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