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Isaac Eizik Avraham HaLevie Italiaander, birth 1673 Amsterdam, died 1729 Amsterdam, buried Muiderberg, son of Avraham Benjamin Halevie Italiaander and nn
aloef katsin khr"r, overl. 2 tisjre 5490

Married 1693 Amsterdam ( ondertrouw ) to:
Malka Aron Moznim, birth 1677 Amsterdam, died 1735 Amsterdam, buried Muiderberg, daughter of Aron Moznim and nn
overl. 7 tisjre 5496
1) Rivka Isaac Levie Italiaander, alias: Rebecca Isaac Italiaander Levie de Vries, birth 1694 Amsterdam, died 1735 Rotterdam, buried Muiderberg
overl.: 12 nissan 5495 begraeb als Rivka ben Aloef Rosj Isaac Iezik halevie z.g. Italiaander, vr. v. aloef rosj pum khr"r Baruch z,g. van Rotterdam

Married 29 Jun 1709 Amsterdam ( ondertrouw ) to:
Baruch ( Benedictus ) Jacob De Vries, birth 1691 Rotterdam, son of Abraham Benedictus and nn
otd 1709: 707/68; get. brdg: gr. vader Abraham Benedictus, get. br. vad. Isaac Italiaander
2) Rachel Italiaander, birth 1697 Amsterdam, died 1740 Amsterdam, buried Muiderberg
overl. 10 adar 5500 huwelijk neef-nicht

Married 1721 Amsterdam ( ondertrouw ) to:
Abraham Alexander Halevie Van Emden, birth 1699 Amsterdam, son of Alexander HaLevie Van Emden and nn
3) Hindele Anna Isaac Italiaander
living - details excluded
Abraham Benjamin HaLevie Italiaander, birth 1701 Amsterdam, son of Benjamin Italiaander and Judith Gitche Jacob
4) Marianne Italiaander, birth 1702 Amsterdam
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