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Jacob Jokeb Nathan Lier Lehr, died 15 Jan 1748 Amsterdam, buried 15 SHEVAT 5508 Muiderberg cemetery, son of Nathan Moshe-Nathan Barend [van Lier \ Leer and Channa Abraham to:
Sara Serche Meyer Deventer, died Amsterdam, daughter of Meyer Joseph Deventer and nn
1) Joseph Jacob Jokeb Lier Lehr
Married CA 1718 to:
Eva Heva Andries Anshil, died 1773 Amsterdam
2) Nathan Jacob van Lier Lehr, birth 1695 Amsterdam
Married 1721 Amsterdam to:
Sara Meyer Ween, birth 1698, died 1747 Amsterdam, daughter of Meyer Hendrik Wiener and Anna Chayale Hartog Zwi-Hirsch Levie
3) Barendje Brendele Jacob van Lier, birth 1699 Amsterdam, died 22 MRT 1770 Amsterdam
Married 1721 Amsterdam to:
Hartog Hirsch Samuels Pinto, birth 1696 Amsterdam, died 8 MEI 1769 Amsterdam, buried Muiderberg, occupation: member of chevra kedosha Gemiluth Chasadim, son of Samuel Levie Juda Pinto Hoos and Lea Joseph
4) Mozes Jacob Jokeb van Lier Lehr, birth 1703 Amsterdam to:
Anna Hena Joseph Juzpa Moznum, birth 1702 Amsterdam, daughter of Joseph Juzpa Aron Moznum and Clara Gelchi Ephraim
5) Elias Leizer Jacob Lier Lehr, birth 1705 Amsterdam
Married 1732 to:
Sara Sjeinche Elias Gobets, birth 1706 Amsterdam, died 6 Feb 1786 Amsterdam, daughter of Elias Isaac Gobets and Sara Sprints Mozes
6) Johanna Channa Jacob Lier lehr, birth 1707 Amsterdam
Married 1731 Amsterdam to:
Michiel Yechiel-Michel David Swaab, birth 1709 Amsterdam, son of David Mozes Swaab and N.N.
7) Marcus Meyer Jacob Jokeb Lier Lehr, birth 1709 Amsterdam
Married 1733 Amsterdam to:
Anna Chaya Salomon Zalman Deventer, birth 1709 Amsterdam
8) Eva Jacob Lier Lehr, birth 1712 Amsterdam
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