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Mozes Heiman Aptroot, birth 1808 Leek, died 1886, occupation: koopman, slager, son of Heiman Mozes Aptroot and Marta Simons de Vries
Goltje Benjamins Van Berg, birth 1813, died 1842 1st marriage 2nd marriage

Family page
Mozes Heiman Aptroot
Married 11 Jun 1843 Leek to:
(H)ester Jonas Drielsma, birth 6 Feb 1814 Delfzijl, died 8 Jan 1905, occupation: vleeschhouwersch, daughter of Jonathan Drielsma and Elisabeth ( Betje ) Minkes Levy Frank
1) Jonas Aptroot, birth 15 MEI 1844 Leek, died 1 Feb 1922 Groningen, occupation: koopman
Married 30 Dec 1876 Leek to:
Duifje Wijnberg, birth CA 1855 Leek, daughter of Mozes Wijnberg and Lea van der Reis
2) Martha Marta Aptroot, birth 23 Sep 1846 Leek, died 30 Jun 1924 Leek
Married 6 MEI 1875 Leek to:
Abraham Wijnberg, birth CA 1851 Leek, occupation: borstelmaker, son of Mozes Wijnberg and Lea van der Reis
3) Hinderina Aptroot, birth CA 1852 Roden
Married 24 Sep 1879 Amsterdam to:
Jacob Dondorp, birth CA 1850 Leiden, occupation: onderwijzer, son of Mozes Dondorp and Sara Drukker
4) Lea Aptroot, birth 20 Jul 1855 Leek, died 20 MRT 1943 Sobibor
Married 30 Jun 1879 Leek to:
Noach Joseph Cohen, birth CA 1845 Groningen, occupation: vleeschhouwer, son of Joseph Cohen and Hanne Cohen de Jong
5) Saartje Aptroot, birth 21 MEI 1858 Leek, died 31 Dec 1941 Arnhem to:
Johannes Philippus Smits
6) Betje Aptroot
living - details excluded
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