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David Josephs (Kampen), died 1727, son of Joseph Rheinbach and nn to:
Mariana Nachmnan, died 1738, daughter of Raw Nachman and nn
1) Gitle David Josephs Reinbach, died 1772 to:
Barent Salomons, died 1755 Amsterdam, son of Eliazer Cohen and nn
In another part of the webside there is mention of Moses, son of Barend Michel Salomons (Cohen Kampen). This Michel is said to be the son of Philip Barend Salomons (Cohen Kampen). This is wrong, Michel was the son of Joseph Barend Salomons. But Mi chel was twice in a row married to daughters of said Philip Salomons. Michel dies fairly young in London in 1769, leaving the responsibility for his children amongst others in the hands of their grandfather Philip in Amsterdam. Grandfather, throug h the mothers line, but uncle through the fathers line! Both the testaments of Joseph S. and Michel S. still do exist (PRO-London) and mention the children as stated above.(E-mail Fred Barends (Kampen).
Ashkenaziem in Amsterdam ( Moshe Mossel) :
Barend Ber Elieser Salomons Cohen-Kampen, died 1755 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 16 Tishre 5516 - the old Ber Kats Kampen., lives: , Barend Salomons and David Josephs acquire together a house and land at the Anthonis Breestr, between the Ant hony Sluis and the Breede Voetsteeg.
fl. 7500,- is paid for this acquisition.
(G.A.A. Notarial Archives, Kwijtscheldingen 3555, Oud P4-123 - Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992), son of Eliaser Leizer Cohen and N.N.
Event: event 6 Jan 1706 Amsterdam Barend salomons and his father-in-law David Josephs are mentioned in an act as suitors of a debt on the deceased Evert v.Heyning.
(G.A.A. Notarial Archives 4642A, film 5385, p' 90/93 - Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu. nu', Amsterdam 1992)
Event: event between 1746 and 1755 Amsterdam 1746 - Declaration before notary.
Barend Salomons has as Srs. Barend Salomons Senior & Compagnie sold to Aleazar Alexander Keyser a goldnugget of 23 karat & 8 grain, valued at fl. 7528-2-.
Keyser denies this, and is kept responsible for costs, damage & interest.
(G.A.A. Notarial Archives 10718/31)
1746 - Contract between Baerent Salomons Senior ( fl. 2000) and Levy Salomons - his cousin (fl. 4000), Joseph Salomons, London - his son (fl. 1500) , Isack Baerent Salomons - his son (fl. 1500), Eliaser Baerents - his son (fl. 2000), on the on e si de, and
Salomon Abraham & Levij Joseph on the other side
to deal in Curacao, with division of gains according to investment.
Salomon Abrahams & Levij Josephs shall have to stay on Curacao as long as the principal investors wish. Provision for them is detailed in the contract. The cost of their transport to Curacao ad fl. 400,- will be paid back, but in case they retur n , costs will be for their own pocket.
(G.A.A. Notarial Archives 10721/730)
25 Mar 1755
Insinuation of Barend Salomons Senior against Cornelis van der Oudermolen.
Barend Salomons Senior had sold to Cornelis van der Oudermolen 32 pieces of raw diamond, weighing together about 105 karat. They were packed in white writing paper and sealed. The agreed price was fl. 42 per karat. Buyer has declined to pay unt i l now. He is announced of this demand at his home, where only a maid has been found. She will however convene this message to him, as soon as he returns home from the bourse.
In the grandbooks of the V.O.C. Barend Salomons is mentioned as buyer of:
in 1700/1704 - cotton fabric at fl. 3.536.12 stuivers
in 1724/28 - cotton fabric at fl. 40.557.14 stuivers
tea at fl. 2.793.13 stuivers
peper at fl. 4716.
(Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)
Event: signed a will 20 Mar 1755 Amsterdam 'Barend Salomons, at St. Anthony Breestr, sich and weak of body, however having his intelligence, memory, hearing and speech at use, as appeared and came over externally'.
Thereafter, many statements and inheritance decisions concerning his wife and children.
His bank money may however be divided only 4 months after his demise, and his dealings, goods & businesses may not publicly be divided, but solely between his inheritors.
Some money (fl. 6000,-) is set aside for religious affairs.
It will take some years before the inheritance is totally cleared.
(G.A.A. Notarial Archives 13542/65 - sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)
Division of estate of Barend Salomons Senior
In an extensive document of 29 pages, wherein all children appear either by themselves or by authorisation of third person, the portion for each of them is dictated.
The estate includes half of the house bought in 1722, six seats in the Great Synagogue and another fl. 25.000.- which his wife Jitle Davids brought with her as dowry at the time of their marriage.
His 11 living children and their descendants are the sole and unversal inheritors; they are:
Joseph Salomons, London
Philip Salomons, Amsterdam
Elias Barents, Amsterdam
Nathan Salomons, London
Levie Barent Salomons, Furth
Isak Barent Salomons
Tegle[?, = Fegle] Salomons, spouse of Jochen Salomons Alexander, Amsterdam
Ester Salomons, spouse of Simon Nathan Magnus, Zwolle
Sara Salomons, spouse of Lion Isak Keyser, Amsterdam
Marianne Salomons, spouse of Alexander Isak Keyser, London
Schoontje Salomons, deceased spouse of Moses Aron Levij.
The maker of the will adds provisions in case his sons Isak Barent Salomons and Eliazar Barent Salomons will not yet be released from the desolate boedelkamer (bankruptcy) and rehabilitated at the time of his demise, in order that their portio n wi ll not fall into the bankruptcy.
His widow Jitle Josephs will have free use of half of the house as long as she lives, including all furniture, utensils and inventory.
(Sal v.Son in 'Ik zeg nu, nu', Amsterdam 1992)
Event: event OKT 1755 Amsterdam On 8 Cheshvan 5516 appear before the trustees of the jewish community the alufim executors of the estate of the late hr"r Ber Kats-Kampe z.l, i.e. k"h Joseph, Nachman and khr"r Zelig Kats, sons of the deceased, an d according to the will in thei r hands, and transfer in 5 acts of transaction 3 seats in the great synagogue to the son Joseph, 1 seat to son Eizik, and 1 seat to son Elisha-Leizer. to:
Judith Gittele David Kampen, birth 1685, died 1772 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 2 Tishre 5533 - Gittele bat David Kampen, widow of Ber Cohen; former member and several years administrator of chevra kedosha Gemiluth Chasadim for women., dau ghter of David Joseph Kampen and Mirjam Nachman
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