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Joseph Andriesse, birth 7 Jan 1770 Bladel, died 31 Jul 1849 Roosendaal, occupation: koopman, son of Andries Manuel Andriesse and Catharina HARTOGH to:
Anna Gabriel VAN HAM, birth 1772, died 29 Dec 1814 Roosendaal, daughter of Gabriel MEIJER and Helena PHILIP
1) Rachel ANDRIESSE, birth 30 MEI 1802 Roosendaal
Married 27 OKT 1820 Bladel to:
Emanuel DE GROOT, birth 16 MRT 1802 Bladel, died 7 OKT 1863 Bladel, occupation: koopman, son of Joseph DE GROOT and Anna ANDRIESSE
2) Gabriel ANDRIESSE, birth 18 Aug 1803 Roosendaal, died 11 Jan 1870 Rotterdam, occupation: galanterien-verkoper to:
Sybille ROTSCHILD, birth 9 Dec 1805 UERDINGEN (Dld.), died 20 Nov 1848, daughter of Isac ROTSCHILD and Regina VEUGELTJE

Family page
Joseph Andriesse
Married 4 AprIL 1816 Roosendaal to:
Regina VEUGELTJE, birth 28 Jul 1782 PLANICH (Dld.), died 10 MEI 1860 's-Hertogenbosch 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Moses ISAAC and Marianne HERTOG
1) Hertog ANDRIESSE, birth 14 Dec 1816 Roosendaal, died 25 Feb1901 Vlissingen, occupation: Koopman
Married 18 Dec 1850 Vlissingen to:
Brauntje DAVID, birth CA 1800 Dusseldorf 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Here David and Reisje David
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