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Alexander Mozes Schaap, birth 1 Jul 1782 Amersfoort, died 17 Jun1859, son of Mozes Levi Schaap and Sara Alexanders Susskind
Married 28 MEI 1806 Amersfoort to:
Dina Schaap, birth 4 Jan 1787 Amersfoort, died 1871 Amsterdam, buried Muiderberg, daughter of Hijman Levie Schaap and Maria Abrahams(on)
1) Phietje Schaap, birth 19 Jul 1807 Amersfoort
2) Saartje Schaap, birth 20 Apr 1809 Amersfoort
3) Claartje Schaap, birth 21 Dec 1810 Amersfoort
4) Lion Schaap, birth 17 Aug 1812 Amersfoort
5) Zippora Schaap, birth CA 1815 Amersfoort to:
Samuel David Heilbron, birth CA 1817, occupation: Koopman, son of David Andries Heilbron and Saartje Salomon van der Hoek
6) Emanuel Alexander Schaap, birth CA 1818 Amersfoort, occupation: commissionair
Married 20 Dec 1854 Amsterdam to:
Sara Rudelsheim, daughter of Manus Abraham Rudelsheim and Klara Gosschalk
7) Joseph Schaap, birth Amersfoort
married' lived in New-York, no children
8) Benjamin Schaap, birth Amersfoort, occupation: owner cigar-shop
9) Mozes Schaap, birth 19 MRT 1818 Amersfoort, died 23 Jun 1903, occupation: bakker Amsterdam
Married 21 Jan 1864 Amsterdam to:
Naatje Joseph de Beer, daughter of Joseph Barend de Beer and Judith Aron van Collem
10) Hijman Alexander Schaap, birth 29 MRT 1820 Amersfoort, died 1892, occupation: winkelier
Married 29 Feb 1860 Amsterdam to:
Mietje Alexander Schaap, birth 25 OKT 1832 Amsterdam, died 17 MEI 1861 Amsterdam, daughter of Alexander Schaap and Leentje Lotje van Lee
11) Isaac Schaap, birth 2 Feb 1824 Utrecht
Married Utrecht to:
Flora Hamburger, birth 1828 Utrecht, died 1871 Utrecht
12) Abraham Alexander Schaap, birth CA 1829 Amersfoort, died CA 1876 London, occupation: koopman
Married 19 Jan 1846 to:
Rebecca Philip Aarons, died CA 1876 London
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