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Levi Leib Mozes Schaap, birth CA 1720, died 24 Jan 1803, son of Mozes Levi Schaap and Dina Prins to:
Dina Isaacs Goudstikker
1) Joseph Levie Schaap, birth 1735 Amersfoort, died 6 Apr 1830 Amersfoort, occupation: drapery-business to:
Lea Hijmans, birth Veenendaal, died 8 MRT 1849, buried Amersfoort, daughter of Raphael Hijmans and Johanna Jacobs Stodel
2) Hester Levi Schaap, birth CA 1743, died 9 Aug 1812 Amersfoort
lived in 1792 in Utrecht

Married 23 Feb 1761 to:
Hartog Jacobs, birth Amsterdam, died VOOR 1779, occupation: Pawnbroker in Buuren
later living in Utrecht
3) Mozes Levi Schaap, birth CA 1747 Amersfoort, died 12 Jan 1832 Amersfoort
Married 17 OKT 1768 's-Gravenhage to:
Sara Alexanders Susskind, alias: Sara Alexander, birth 1748 's-Gravenhage, died 16 MEI 1824 Amersfoort, daughter of Alexander Emanuels and nn
4) Clara Claartje-Klaartje Levie Schaap, birth 15 Apr 1749, died 22 MEI 1839 Amersfoort
Married 5 OKT 1768 Amersfoort to:
( Eliazer ) Hartog Avraham Herschel, birth CA 1745 Mesritz, Poland, died 6 Sep 1836 Amersfoort, occupation: groothandelaar tabak, son of Abraham Hartog ( Mezzerits ) Herschel and Sprincie Sprins Sophia Eleazar
5) Hijman Levie Schaap, died 9 Aug 1839, occupation: drapery -business
Married 13 Jun 1781 Amersfoort to:
Maria Abrahams(on)
6) Jannetje Levi Schaap to:
Mozes Israel Cohen, birth 1755
lived in Kampen
7) Benjamin Levi Schaap, died 29 Sep 1855 Amersfoort to:
Rebecca Rachel Raphaels Hijmans, birth V eenendaal, daughter of Raphael Hijmans and Johanna Jacobs Stodel
8) Isaac Levi Schaap, birth CA 1751, died 28 Jan 1827 Amersfoort
achterlijk kind
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