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Jacob Michael Weijl, birth CA 1777, died 11 OKT 1856, occupation: medecince docter, son of Michael Weijl and Petronella Wolff to:
Grietje Salomon Nihom, birth CA 1785, died 31 Jan 1851 Nijkerk, daughter of Salomon Joseph Nihom and Helena Salomons
1) Michael Jacob Weijl, birth 22 Aug 1809 Nijkerk, died 12 Feb 1881 Eindhoven
Married 3 Aug 1849 Eindhoven to:
Aldegonda Goudtsmit, birth Eindhoven, daughter of Jacob Goudtsmit and Sibilla Wijnberg
2) Salomo Weijl, alias: Jacob Weijl, birth 8 OKT 1811 Nijkerk
Married 11 Jun 1835 Leiden to:
Judik van Wijnbergen, birth 4 Apr 1817 Aarlanderveen, daughter of Samuel Salomon van Wijnbergen and Betje Jacobs Zegelaar
3) Levij Louis Jacob Weijl, birth 21 Feb 1814 Nijkerk, died 1876
Married 24 Jun 1846 Oss to:
Henrietta van der Wielen, birth 31 Aug 1824 Oss, died 12 Jan 1887 Enschede, daughter of Abraham Van der Wielen and Allegonda van Osten
4) Cosman Weijl, birth Aug 1824, died 25 OKT 1824 Nijkerk
5) Helena Weijl, birth 1826 Nijkerk, died 24 Jul 1905 Meppel, occupation: winkelierster
Married 13 Jun 1861 Meppel to:
Meijer Wolff, birth 1830 Meppel, son of Levij Wolff and Hester Cohen
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