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    Family page
    Gerzon Salomon de Leeuw, birth 13 Nov 1862 Woerden, NLD, died 31 May 1942 Amsterdam, NLD, occupation: Salesman, son of Salomon de Leeuw and Betje Cohen Place (family): Amsterdam, NLD, Diezestraat 5 huis
    Married notice 27 Jun 1889 Amsterdam, NLD
    Married 11 Jul 1889 Amsterdam, NLD to:
    Estella van Gelder, birth 22 Jan 1869 Amsterdam, NLD, died 5 Oct 1942 Auschwitz, POL, daughter of Hartog Emanuel van Gelder and Henriette Rosalie Hackenbroch
    1) Siegfried de Leeuw, birth 11 Jul 1890 Amsterdam, NLD, died Nov 1892 Glen Head Nassau County, New York, USA, occupation: Salesman to:
    Dorothea Johanna Polak, birth 18 Aug 1897 Amsterdam, NLD, died Glen Head Nassau County, New York, USA
    2) Henri de Leeuw, alias: Hendrik de Leeuw, birth 18 Jul 1891 Amsterdam, NLD, Oudezijds Achterburgwal no. 118/born at 15.00 hrs
    Author of
    - Sumatra Economic and Geographic, published by Bull Geog Soc Philadelphia, 1930
    - Tribal Life in Sumatra, published by Bull Geog Soc Philadelphia, 1931
    - Crossroads of the Java Sea, published by Garden City Publishing Co, 1931
    - Java jungle tales, published by Doubleday, Doran & Co, 1933
    - Sinful Cities of the Western World, published by Julian Messner, Inc., 1934
    - Ank en Hans in de rimboe, published by Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1935
    - Crossroads of the Caribbean Sea, published by Julian Messner, 1935
    - Crossroads of the Buccaneers, published by J.B. Lippincott Co., 1937
    - Onze West, published by Wereldbibliotheek, 1937
    - Peewee the Mousedeer, published by David McKay Co, 1943
    - Flower of Joy, published by Lee Furman, 1939
    - Cuentos de la Jungla de Java, cubierta de J.P. Bocquet, Spain, 1950
    - Crossroads of the Mediterranean, published by Hanover House, Garden City, 1954
    - Underworld the Rise of organized Crime and Vice Rackets in the USA, published by Neville Spearman, 1955
    - Brieven, published by Emanuel Querido s uitgeverij, 1955
    - Java Jungle Tales, published by Arco Publishers, 1956
    - Crossroads of the Zuider Zee Off The Beaten Track In Holland, published by Arco Publishers, 1957
    - De Heerschappij van het Zwakke Geslacht, Duwaer en Zonen, 1957
    - Woman, the Dominant Sex: From Bloomers to Bikinis, published by Arco Publishers, 1957
    - Cities of Sin, published 1959
    - Fallen Angels the inside story of call girls and prostitution, published by Neville Spearman, 1960
    - Conquest of the Air, the history and Future of Aviation, published by Vantage Press, 1960
    - From flying horse to man in the moon;: A history of flight from its earliest beginnings to the conquest of space, published by St Martin's Press, 1963
    3) Maurits de Leeuw, birth 3 Sep 1893 Woerden, NLD, died 31 Mar 1944 Central Europe, occupation: Sales representative
    4) Louis de Leeuw, birth 13 Oct 1894 Nieuwer Amstel (Amstelveen), NLD, Noordstraat no. 25/born at 02.00 hrs, died 20 May 1913 Amsterdam, NLD/died at 11.00 hrs
    5) Albert Philip de Leeuw, birth 14 Aug 1902 Amsterdam, NLD, died 1 Jan 1941 Rio de Janeiro, BRA
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