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Mozes Tobias Tuvia Brommer Schneider, birth Bohemen, died 1780 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 9 Tishre 5541: the old Moshe ben Tuvia Brommer.
Event: event between Sep 1774 and Sep 1776 Amsterdam Zeeburg cemetery:
on 18 Tishre 5535 - unmarried son of Mozes Tobias Schneider
on 30 Tishre 5537 - " " " " Brommer, schneider.

Married ONG 1744 to:
Judith Benedictus, died Aug 1767 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 11 Elul 5527 - wife of Mozes Tobias Brommer, schneider.
1) Tobias Mozes Brommer Schneider, birth 1744 Amsterdam
Married 1768 Amsterdam, dtb 744/323; witn.groom: f.Mozes Tobias; witn.bride: cousin David Salomon. to:
Sara Valk, birth 1741 Leeuwarden
2) Isaac Itsak Mozes Brommer Schneider, birth ONG 1750
Event: event Dec 1775 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5536/13 on 3 Kislev 5536;
groom: Itsak, accompanied by father naaleh Moshe ben Tuvia Schneider;
committed for groom: naaleh Mendele ben Eizik;
prospective bride: Lea, accompanied by father naaleh Itsak ben Shlomo F"F, who intends to donate fl. 250,- to the dowry; the bride's father deposits the dowry and another fl.130,- for marriage expenses with katsin David ben Moshe Pouer, who is the reby in a way committed.
[the groom dies perhaps in Sep 1776; the bride marries in dtb 750/307= t.a. 5539/14]
3) Branca Brein Mozes Brommer Schneider, birth 1752 Amsterdam, died 27 Jan 1819 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 2 Shevat 1819 [28 Jan 1819] - Branca/Brein Mozes, wife of Aron ben Samson[?] Emmering/Ameringen.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

n 27 Jan 1819 - Branco Moses, 69 yrs.old, spouse of Aron Simons Emmering.
Notifier: Simon Aron Emmering, 44 yrs.old, son.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

Married 1775 Amsterdam, dtb 748/524; witn.groom: m.Judith Abraham; witn.bride: f.Mozes Tobias.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5536/16 on 15 Teveth 5536; groom: Aron ben Simon Ameringen;
bride: Brein, accompanied by father Moshe ben Tuvia;
brothers groom: Aberle & David.
Aron Simon Emmeringe Amering, birth 1754 Amsterdam, died 25 MEI 1833 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 23 Sivan 1833 [10 Jun 1833] - Aron Simon Emmeringe/Ameringen.

G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

n 25 May 1833 - Aron Simon Emmering, 85 yrs.old, widower of Branca Mozes.
info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

[unexplained delay between death and burial!]
, son of Simon David Amering and Judith Jutta Abraham Aberle Ezus
Event: was naturalized 29 MEI 1812 Amsterdam assumption of name Emmering; then living at Batavierstr. 39, with 4 sons, 2 daughters, 3 grandsons and 4 grandddaughters;
sons: Simon, 39 yrs.old, married to Jannetje Levie, and living at Batavierstr. 39 [parents' home], with 2 daughters: Rachel of 7 yrs. and Branca of 2 yrs;
Mozes, 33 yrs.old, married to Ester Aron, and living in Ouderkerk, with 2 daughters: Branca of 3 yrs. and Hanna of 5 months;
Salomon, 31 yrs.old, married to Beletje Juda, living at Jodenbreestr.56, with 3 sons: Aron of 5 yrs, Isaac of 3 yrs. and Mozes of 1 yr;
Isaac, 24 yrs.old, abroad in the army;
daughters: Judith, 26 yrs. and Jannetje, 19 yrs.old.
Event: event between 1780 and 1796 death of children Zeeburg cemetery:
on 11 Teveth 5540 - child of Aron Simon Amerong
on 15 Teveth 5540 - stillborn " " " Amerongenen
on 31 Aug 1796 - " " " " Amering.
4) Rachel Mozes Brommer schneider, birth 1754 Amsterdam, died VR 1783
Married 17 Apr 1779 Amsterdam_Hoorn, dtb 750/520; witn.groom: f.Hartog Benedictus; witn.bride: f.MozesTobias.
info G.Kornalijnslijper.
Leendert Hartog Leon, birth 1756 Hoorn, died 1835 Hoorn, son of Hartog Benedictus Leon and Judith Hijman

Family page
Mozes Tobias Tuvia Brommer Schneider
Married 1769 Amsterdam, dtb 744/401; groom widower of Judith Benedictus; bride widow of Lazarus Jacob.
Tnaim acharonim in act 5529/47 on 1st day of Rosh Chodesh Adar I 5529;
groom: widower Moshe ben Tuvia;
bride: widow Judith bat Zalman z.l, who brings all her belongings, worth fl. 130,-, with her.

Event (family) got engaged Dec 1768 Amsterdam Tnaim rishonim in act 5529/19 on 17 Kislev 5529; groom: widower Moshe bar Tuvia;
bride: widow Judith bat Zalman z.l;
the groom is committed for himself;
committed for bride: Mordechai ben Zalman Blits z.l.
Judith Salomon Shlomo-Zalman Blits Bles, birth 1715 Amsterdam 1st marriage 2nd marriage 3rd marriage, daughter of Salomon Zalman Isaac Blits Bles and Rebecca David Nerden
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