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    Nathan Turksma, birth 25 Dec 1836 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 21 OKT 1914 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, son of David Salomon Turksma and Mietje Salomon Leijdesdorff
    Married 8 Feb 1874 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Debora Dwinger, birth 1 Jul 1845 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 28 Apr 1915 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, daughter of Marcus Abraham Dwinger and Rebekka or Betje Salomon van Dam
    1) David Turksma, birth 4 Sep 1875 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 5 Feb 1934 Huizen, Noord-Holland, Nederland
    Married 18 Dec 1898 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Regina Dwinger, birth 17 Jul 1874 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, died 26 MRT 1943 Sobibor, Biala Podleska, Polen, daughter of Salomon Dwinger and Rebekka Levie
    2) Markus Turksma, birth 30 MRT 1878 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Henriette Messcher, birth Zwolle, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Levi Messcher and Saartje de Lange
    3) Levie Turksma, birth 12 Feb 1881 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
    4) Abraham Turksma, birth 20 Nov 1883 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
    Married 29 Jan 1910 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Mietje Velleman, birth 3 Jan 1881 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, daughter of Willem Velleman and Grietje de Jong
    5) Manus Turksma, birth 15 Dec 1885 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
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